Live 2017-compilation.  good times!


Live at Garage Club- June 2017 (thanks Lex):


live clip from December 2016 (thanks Udo):


here is our first "official" video from our studio sessions!

CLEAN GUITAR BOOGIE or "how to clean your guitar while playing" ;-)

with special guest Miss Barbara Clifford(USA):

The Tri-Gantics

rock´n´roll, rockin´ blues, rockabilly, instrumentals 'n' more

Regarding their name, modesty is obviously not their thing.
Musically, this rock'n'roll trio shows a wide variety of influences between the likes of blues giant Freddie King, the trash-garage sound of Link Wray, and the swinging jump blues of T-Bone Walker and Louis Jordan. Spiced up with a bit of Rockabilly and some original compositions the musical journey stays always interesting. With their collective experience from other bands, Martin T. on the electric guitar, Alex on the double bass and Chris on the drums deliver a trigantic sound experience on stage!

Schon der Bandname allein ist ein Statement, dass das Rock´n´Roll Trio in der Bescheidenheit keine allzugrosse Tugend sieht.
Vom Blueskönig Freddie King über den trashigen Garagenrock eines Link Wray bis zu swingenden Jump Blues Songs von T-Bone Walker und Louis Jordan geht die musikalische Reise. Gewürzt mit Abstechern in verwandte Genres wie Rockabilly sowie originellen Eigenkompositionen bleibt die Spannung einer Tri-Gantics Show bis zum Finale erhalten.
Mit ihrer geballten Erfahrung aus vielen anderen Bands bieten Martin T. an der Gitarre, Alex am Kontrabass, und Chris am Schlagzeug ein trigantisches Sound Erlebnis!


Basement recordings (the "Post Office Sessions"):

Want some blues to start with? Some rockin´blues/blues bopper? some rockabilly for dessert?

      ...take a listen:

*The Stumble (F.King-S.Thompson):

**Walking with Frankie (Vincent-Sims):

***A-Picking Song (Martin Telfser):

Recorded on a 4 track-recorder inside our acoustically imperfect rehearsing space and played on partially broken equipment. Engineered by Christian Schart, Nov. 2016.